A simple Notifier for Gmail, with multiple accounts support. (formerly Gmail Notifr) Features: * Support multiple accounts * Support hosted account * Check new mail at specified interval * Open accounts in different browsers * Separate check and notification setting for each account * Enable/Disab...

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Fine-tune, watermark, resize, rotate, crop, convert and apply artistic effects to your photos using Image Plus. If you have photos on your Mac that need to be adjusted and watermarked then you are in luck. Image Plus is an all-in-one photo processing solution that any photographer or graphics design...

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重庆彩票网榮登 中國、新西蘭、澳大利亞Mac App Store攝影類軟體暢銷榜第一名,印尼、挪威、墨西哥、日本、香港、丹麥、西班牙Mac App Store暢銷排行榜,感謝用戶肯定,優惠價格實施中! 創意好拍 Camera Lens Studio? 是蘋果電腦Mac專用創意相片軟體,內建豐富的攝影特效鏡頭,超過300+款各類常用攝影濾鏡,能完美體現意想不到的特殊顯影效果,快速透過一鍵特效來即時修正拍攝情境,適合人物、風景、靜物、藝術、自然、旅游、親子等攝影主題后制編修使用,讓影像更富有創造力與情境氛圍。 ? KEY FEATURES ? 一鍵特效:一鍵快速套用濾鏡機能,簡單易用 ? 攝影濾鏡:涵蓋各...

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Photo 360 brings your amazing collection of filters and photo effects on the Mac App Store, provides 260 filter effects beloved by professional photographers. Photo 360 themes vary from the feel of film camera to the unique sets of classy moods or fun creativity. Whether you are looking for vintage...

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重庆彩票网??? 65% Off - Limited Time Offer ??? Save space on your computer by compressing your photos/images. With Compress All you can compress a set of photos/images quickly without complex processes. You can add your photos/images, change the compress factor on a simple slider, marked with min (minimum c...

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***** Navicat Premium named “Best Database Administration Solution” by Database Trends and Applications Magazine ***** ** Best-in-Class Database Management Tools ** Navicat for Oracle Enterprise Edition is a powerful database administration and development tool for Oracle. It comes with advanced ...

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重庆彩票网**在 Mac 上運行 Windows** - 在 Mac 虛擬機中跨多個操作系統開發和測試 - 訪問 Microsoft Office for Windows 和 Internet Explorer - 快速:運行 Windows 應用程序不會減慢 Mac 的運行速度 - 將文件、應用程序及更多內容從 PC 快速移動到 Mac? **快速、強大、便捷** 無論您是需要運行無 Mac 版本的 Windows 程序,還是需要從 PC 切換到 Mac 并需要傳輸數據,Parallels Desktop 都能滿足您的需求。 - 無縫 在 MacBook?、MacBook Pro?、iMac?、i...

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重庆彩票网Joystick Monitor is the perfect tool to help you play your games with a controller. Easily connect Xbox, Playstation, Logitech and SteelSeries controllers, joysticks and any kind of gamepad. Compatible Joysticks: - Sony DUALSHOCK 3 - Sony DUALSHOCK 4 - Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller - Microsoft Xbox...

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重庆彩票网THE PHOTO EFFECTS POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS Darkroom Photographic Studio has 375 original filters. Each filter was inspired by the best filter around the world and carefully crafted to make your photo stand out, the process is so simple and enjoyable, it will help you become more creative....

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??? 65% Off - Limited Time Offer ??? Convert Images to JPEG is the perfect app for who wants to convert their pictures easily and quick without to many complex process. Convert Images to JPEG has a easy and simple interfaces o anyone can use it, and convert their pictures format. ?????????????????...

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獲英國、美國、瑞士 Mac App Store 商用類軟體暢銷榜,濾鏡派對 Filter Lens Party? 是一款文青最愛用的專業攝影濾鏡軟體,它擁有豐富華麗的各式美拍濾鏡庫,讓每一個修圖新手都能輕易的駕馭它,幫助你玩轉色彩、快速的在照片中呈現出無可挑剔的動人影像。 ? WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT 濾鏡派對 Filter Lens Party? 提供超過400款專業攝影濾鏡,提供各式DSLR數位攝影相機常見的外掛濾鏡效果,讓您心愛的攝影作品產生戲劇性的復古、黑白、漸變、漏光、藝術等影像風格,讓您搖身一變成為濾鏡大師! ? MORE AWESOME FEATURES ? 超過...

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Calarty is a desktop-integrated one-look calendar giving you a beautiful painting each month. We hand-picked all those paintings, to bring you the best experience right to your Mac desktop. Claude Monet was a founder of French Impressionist painting, and the most consistent and prolific practition...

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重庆彩票网Get ready for the baby doll house cleaning fun game! Its not a secret that keeping your home clean takes too much time and efforts whether you live in one apartment house or four. Cleaning room is an art you can well decorate your room on your own skill. Its a sweet baby doll house cleanup game that...

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重庆彩票网??? 65% Off - Limited Time Offer ??? Animated Gifs are everywhere, now you can create your own animated gifs to post on social networks. Choose two different images, Flash Transition will create a gif file with a animation Transition between the first and the second image. The Flash Transition int...

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有多少次你碰巧看衣服上的標簽,試著去了解它們的含義嗎? 并非總是如此,所有符號都清楚,有些是多個已知和確定的,而其他人不知道的意思,是無法破譯。 如果你不想冒險年底突然收縮,氈或變色的襯衫和毛衣,最好是看看。 照顧的衣服基本上是基于選擇適宜的洗滌和干燥。 如果你失敗的象征意義,你會發現自己的衣服不可逆的損壞。 的衣服上的標簽,在大多數情況下,5個符號。這些涉及到的洗滌說明,每件衣服和一般護理。 你會發現,你在這個順序的符號:洗滌,干洗,烘干,熨衣服,洴。 堅持始終堅持的指示,特別是如果你曾經嘗試過洗干凈并擦干,尤其是老板。經驗可能花費你付出沉重代價。 [ 特點 ] - 5分類:洗滌...

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Turn your monitor into a realistic space shuttle window! Our planet looks exactly as it's seen by astronauts. You see the blackness of outer space with sparks of stars on it. You are flying around the Earth, a colorful ball with a veil of atmosphere. Features: ? live wallpaper ? explore our planet ...

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